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Plans for Mission Trips

Where to go…What to do…

In Acts 1:8, the resurrected Jesus declared us to be His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the uttermost parts of the world. Every church and every Christian has been commanded to take the Good News of Jesus Christ to every person in the world.

Whether your group is going on a local project in the park or across the state or ocean, a mission project can be overwhelming ... especially if it is your first project. How do you pick a project? What do you do to enlist and train a team? How do you fund the trip?

The following information is designed to guide you through the process of planning and taking a mission trip. It also will point you to some training conferences designed just for you, the team leader, and for your team.

Let's Begin!

• Pray for God's Leadership.
The first and most important step is to ask the Heavenly Father to show you where He wants you to go.

• Look for Mission Projects.
For local projects, consult your church or local Baptist association. For state, national, or international projects, contact the Volunteer office at 1-800-226-8584, ext. 3133, or e-mail, Volunteers.

• Pick a project that fits your group.
Ask, "What is the mission requesting volunteers to do?" "What abilities does the project require?"

• Take the International Projects Team Leader Training.
It is offered by the Florida Baptist Convention. For a schedule of dates, contact our office at the number or e-mail listed above.

Building and Training Your Team

• Pray for God's Leadership!
Pray throughout the process for the leadership team and for the people to whom you are going to be ministering.

• Take Care of the Logistics.
Research the country, the mission field, costs, housing, meals, transportation, inoculations, passports, and visas.

• Enlist Your Team.
Create awareness of the project and issue an invitation. If the project is in a sensitive area, be discreet in your invitation. God will call out the right people.

• Train Your Team.
Training will be needed in the required ministry skills, witnessing, and prayer walking. Do a pre-project visit early. Lead the team to take the Cross-Cultural Orientation offered by the Florida Baptist Convention. For a schedule of dates, contact our office at the number or e -mail indicated above.

• Prepare for the Spiritual and Emotional Impact of the project.

• Have a Commissioning Ceremony for your team.

Getting Home!

• Do the Project!
Work closely with the missionaries to accomplish what they need done. Remember--you want to make a positive impact on the mission field. Have individual and group prayer daily!

• Evaluate.
What was accomplished? Where was God working in our group, as well as in the field? What could have been improved?

• Celebrate the Project.
Plan to report to your church on a Sunday. Include slides (or digital pictures) and plenty of testimonies.

• Plan for next year!
Start praying for God's leadership.

For more information on specific projects or upcoming training conferences, call:

John Holloway
Partnership Missions Team
Florida Baptist Convention
Ext. 3133

Other Resources:

North American Mission Board 800-888-8657

International Mission Board 800-999-3113



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