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Prayer Resources


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Baptism Matters—The act of baptism for a Christian is an immersion which symbolizes one's relationship with Christ. Baptism represents an inward cleansing through an outward expression of an individual’s faith. This booklet gives an understanding of the role of baptism in a Christian’s journey with God. (Click here to order this item.(Click here for the Spanish version PDF.) (Click here for the French version PDF.)

Baptism Helping Hand—What is the meaning and importance of baptism? Here is Baptism Helping Hand: 5 Truths You Should Know About Baptism. Use this resource to quickly and easily teach these truths using the 1/2 sheet guide and the 5 fingers of your hand. (Not available for ordering.)
Guidelines for Fasting and PrayerThe Scriptures clearly reveal the purpose of fasting through several examples in the life of the nation Israel and in the life of Jesus and the early church. In a survey of the Scriptures there are at least three summary reasons given for fasting. (Not available for ordering.)
How to Have a Community-Wide "Prayer Wave"—A Prayer Wave is a 'prayer-chain' of churches joining together over several days with each—one after another—taking a day to pray for their community and the Kingdom.

How to Spend a Day in Prayer—A Time for Worship. A Time in the Word of God. A Time of Prayer for Your Witness. A Time of Prayer for the Witness of Your Church. A Time for Spiritual Awakening. A Time of Prayer for Your Work. A Time of Prayer for the Warfare You Face, and A Time of Prayer for Your Daily Walk.

Praying…About the Weather
—Some of God’s ways in the weather are for blessing and bounty, some are part of His judgment on nations, and some are simply the consequences of living on a fallen earth with a fallen weather system. This booklet is designed to give insight to God’s Word about the weather, God’s work through the weather and God’s will in the weather.

Pray for Our Schools - A prayer guide you can use to prompt you a you pray for our school and

PrayerEveryWhere is a way to connect with your community as an individual church or as a group of churches through PrayerWalking. Simply put, it means PrayerWalking Every Street, Every Home, Every School, Every Business and looking for Connection Points to Every Heart—for sharing the love and claims of Christ and meeting needs as the Lord leads.

Prayer Points for Laboring in the Harvest and Touching the Lost—This publication looks at Scriptural guidelines in praying for someone who is sharing the gospel and for someone receiving the gospel. Using the acrostic R.I.G.H.T. H.E.A.R.T one can pray for the lost according to scripture. 

Prayer in Motion (Prayer Walking)—What is prayer walking? How can a person or church use this tool in reaching others? This booklet walks through what prayer walking is and how to apply it to your place of life and ministry. 

S.A.M.E. H.E.A.R.T.—Discovering the Dynamic of Praying Together—Praying together is a powerful tool for changing Christians and churches and communities. Learn how to make corporate prayer a dynamic part of your church using SAME HEART. 

Seeking God—Seeking God is the need of many hearts. This booklet focuses first on a “Spiritual Check-up” followed by guidelines in “How to Deal with Sin.” There are also “Guidelines for Prayer and Fasting” and encouragement for one’s walk as he or she seeks the Lord.

The "How-To" of Meeting With God Every Morning—by Erwin Lutzer 

True Prayer—This booklet addresses five elements of prayer for daily life. These five elements help balance one’s walk with God and guide one into a more effective prayer life.
Upward Call Upward Cry—by Rick Shepherd

For more information on prayer-related resources, call 1-800-226-8584, ext. 3098, or e-mail the team.
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