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Pray for Me Ministry

Welcome to the Florida Baptist Convention's "Pray For Me" ministry. This unique service offers audio versions on a variety of prayers to provide spiritual guidance, uplifting and/or encouragement.

Select a prayer. Featured will be an audio version of this prayer. (See download instruction if you require RealPlayer for the playback.) You may want to follow along by reading the words as this prayer is offered. Please note that following the written version of each prayer are Bible scripture verses that admonish the offering of such prayer.

These prayers require the latest version of the Real Media Player. If you don't have the latest version and wish to listen to these prayers, please visit the Real Player download page.

Resources. A resource link is provided to identify materials that are available through this website to help you grow in your prayer life.

Why Pray Daily? Read about the "Basic-Five" scriptural admonitions on why God's people should pray daily to balance their walk with God. This is part of the "Florida Missionaries" link.


The following are several prayers that may help you this day. You have the option of selecting each prayer to be spoken either by a male or a female voice. Please be aware that the audio playback for a male voice will feature references to male pronouns where appropriate. The audio playback for a female voice will feature references to female pronouns where appropriate.


A Prayer to Start the Day male | female
A Prayer for Following God Day by Day                            male | female
A Prayer for an Opportunity to Witness male | female
A Prayer for Someone in Need of Salvation male | female
A Prayer for Growth in the Christian Life male | female
A Prayer for Personal Holiness male | female
A Prayer When Seeking God's Will or 
When Seeking Direction in Life
male | female
A Prayer When Seeking God's Wisdom male | female
A Prayer for God's Direction for Someone (family, friend, etc) male | female
A Prayer When Doubting God's Love male | female
A Prayer When Discouraged male | female
A Prayer When Perplexed male | female
A Prayer When Worried male | female
A Prayer for Someone in Crisis male | female
A Prayer in Times of National Tragedy and Crisis male | female
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