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The Florida Baptist Convention does not provide direct financial scholarships or grants to Baptist ministerial students enrolled in college or seminary.

However, the Convention does support and provide tuition assistance for ministerial students in several of ways.

First, as a part of the annual Florida Baptist Convention Cooperative Program budget, forty-three percent of the total budget is designated to be given to the Southern Baptist Convention Cooperative Program budget. That national budget provides that nearly 21.92 percent is earmarked for the six Southern Baptist seminaries. Those Cooperative Program support dollars provided to the seminaries means that every student benefits from reduced tuition costs when compared with other institutions of higher learning providing graduate and post-graduate theological education.

Secondly, the Florida Baptist Convention Cooperative Program budget annually provides over two-hundred thousand dollars in ministerial tuition assistance to The Baptist College of Florida. These tuition assistance funds are administered by the respective institution, which has its own application and distribution process.

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