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Endowed Giving Resources for Churches

To order the following resources, call Strategic Endowed Giving at 800-226-8584, ext. 3030, or e-mail the department.
Planned Giving DVD
This FREE DVD contains three separate video promos.
1. The First "Bedtime Story" (45 sec.) is geared to young families with children. It asks the hard question, "Who will take care of your children if you are no longer around?
2. The second "Legacy" (45 sec.) is geared toward those 50 and older. It challenges them to set an example by leaving a gift through their estate plan as an example of their faith in God and the Bride of Christ, His church.
3. The third is for pastors. (8:35 min.) It contains interviews with three Florida pastors whose churches have benefited from a gift from someone's estate, as well as the free Planned Giving seminars provided by the Convention staff.

The Blessings of Year-End GivingView PDF file

Many people consider making additional gifts at year-end as they calculate their tax liability for the year. This brochure outlines ways to give cash, stock, real estate, life insurance and retirement assets as gifts at year-end. Some tax information is included. It should be in the hands of your members in early October to give them plenty of time to accomplish the gift by year-end.

But Mama Always Said (Brochure)—View PDF file

This brochure tells the stories of several families and the issues they have faced at the time of a parent's death. They illustrate the importance of having an estate plan and some of the pitfalls of NOT having one. It may be used as a bulletin insert to promote Wills or to promote an estate planning seminar.

Charitable ContributionsView the PDF file
7 Things every church member needs to know about making contributions.

Christian Estate Planning—View PDF File

This bulletin insert will help you promote in your church an Estate Planning Seminar provided by the Office of Strategic Endowed Giving. The brochure tells the topics that will be covered and gives the scriptural mandate for planning.

Gift Guide (Brochure)—View PDF File

Describes various different gifts that can be made during life or at death through your estate plan. Some are life-income gifts that pay you an income during life and then the remainder goes to a ministry at death. Examples are included.

God’s Inheritance Plan (Pamphlet)—View JPG File

Designed to be used as a Sunday School lesson, this pamphlet is camera-ready, to be copied and used in your church. It compares and contrasts God’s laws of inheritance with man’s laws.

Hot Button Characteristics (Pamphlet)—View JPG File

This brochure presents estate planning issues, broken into age groups: 18-29; 30-39; 40-49; and 50+. While each group shares some of the same needs there are issues specific to each age group. This brochure speaks to each age group and its planning needs.

Inheritance Philosophy (Pamphlet)—View JPG File

Through a series of questions the reader is urged to determine their philosophy related to leaving an inheritance. Its purpose is to lead a reader to consider leaving a part of their inheritance to fund the Lord’s work after they are gone.

It’s All Greek to Me! (Brochure)—View PDF File

This brochure is a glossary of terms normally used in the estate planning process. It is designed to assist a person in becoming familiar with the terminology and therefore more comfortable in the estate planning process.

Myths Related to Wills (Brochure)—View PDF File

There are many misconceptions related to Wills and what they will and will not do for you. This brochure exposes six of the most common myths such as “If I have a Will my estate will not go through probate” and “If I don’t have a Will, the State will take everything.”

Passing or Receiving?View PDF File

This brochure encourages Christians to consider giving a tithe to the Lord whether they are passing their estates down to their heirs or are the receivers of an inheritance. Use it during football season to encourage your members to include the Lord’s work in their estate plan.

Planned Giving in the ChurchView PDF File

This booklet is designed to assist church leaders in establishing an on-going program of encouraging gifts of resources either during life or through their estate at death. It includes a two-year plan to promote planned gifts and provides a synopsis of types of planned gifts.

For churches interested in establishing an endowment, a sample agreement is included, as well as recommended steps for establishing one. A sample gift acceptance policy is also included.

The Sin of Presumption (Sermon)—View JPG File

Written by a Florida pastor, the sermon is based on James 4:13-17. It explores the sin of presuming upon tomorrow and the importance of planning for death.

Survivor’s GuideView PDF File

This booklet is designed to assist the surviving spouse after the loss of their spouse. It details week by week then, month by month what needs to be done to organize your finances after a spouse’s death. It is designed as a ministry piece to assist a pastor or staff person in ministering to widows and widowers.

Then Whose Shall These Things Be? (Brochure)—View PDF File

This sermon is by Dr. David Sheppard of First Baptist Church at St. Charles, Missouri (not Indiana). The points include: 1) our soul will be required of us; 2) our family will remain; 3) our testimony will continue to influence others; and, 4) our possessions can have a lasting usefulness.

The Truth About Trusts (Brochure)—View JPG File

Many people are confused about what a Living Trust is and will do for them. This brochure answers the basic questions commonly asked.

Why You Need A Will (Bulletin Insert)—View PDF File

This bulletin inserts answers the question, “Why do I need a Will” with four Biblically-based answers.


To order the following resources, call Strategic Endowed Giving at 800-226-8584, ext. 3030, or e-mail the office.


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