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Articles for Reprint

The following articles are available for use in your church bulletin or church newsletter to promote planned giving in your church.

— The First Planned Gift

— A Personal Testimony...About Waiting Too Long

— A Time To Die

— A Word About Joint Ownership

— Calmly Doing Your Will

— Giving by Beneficiary Designation

— How is a Living Trust Different from a Will?

— Is Uncle Sam Your Heir?

— What If (DPOA)?

— The Importance of the Durable Power of Attorney

— What is a Living Will?

— What! You have no Will?

— When should you update your will?

— Who wrote your will, you or the state?

— Wills Made Easy

— Capital Campaign Articles

For more information about endowed giving, call 1-800-226-8584, ext. 3030, or e-mail, Endowed Giving.

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