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The Cooperative Program at work in Florida

Since its beginning in 1854, the Florida Baptist Convention has had at its core a fundamental belief in ministries that flesh out the Great Commission—evangelism, starting new churches and strengthening existing congregations to express the gospel in their communities.

Here are some highlights of ways your Florida Baptist dollar took the Gospel to your hometown and the rest of Florida—your Judea—during the past year:

• Trained and equipped Florida Baptist churches in innovative, as well as tried-and true, strategies to reach the 77 percent spiritually lost persons in the state.
• Encouraged and motivated Florida Baptist church leaders in their evangelistic efforts resulting in 49,000-plus persons baptized in the Sunshine State, including 18,000 in Florida Baptist affiliated
churches in Haiti.

• Supported 65 Florida Baptist Convention ministry staff that collectively made 3,707 gospel presentations which resulted in 2,552 professions of faith.

• Started 105 new churches including 67 language and 38 English-speaking congregations.

• Provided a Baptist Campus Ministry program on 45 Florida campuses with seven full-time BCM directors, as well as volunteers, which resulted in 1,141 professions of faith.

• Trained and supported 1,305 language pastors and lay leaders to reach the state’s 6 million ethnic population.

• Provided financial aid and support to churches during Crossover Jacksonville that resulted in 6,700 hearing the gospel and 248 professions of faith.

• Distributed hunger funds to churches that fed 226,385 people and resulted in 3,266 new believers and 613 baptisms.

• Provided theological education for 1,500 students in four languages and six locations across the state.

• Touched the lives of 9,313 children and families through the Florida Baptist Children’s Homes.

• Coordinated 37 projects with the mobile dental unit where 2790 patients were given dental care and 120 professions of faith were recorded.
For more information, reports and resources about the Cooperative Program, Click Here.

For more information on the Cooperative Program or to order materials, call 800-226-8584, ext. 3024, or e-mail Cooperative Program.

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