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Woman's Missionary Union
Woman's Missionary Union (WMU) is a whole range of activities and experiences that reflect the unique character of each local church. WMU emphasis is missions with different age-level groups and a variety of resources and ministries. The age-level-groups are: Mission Friends for preschool boys and girls; Girls in Action for girls; Royal Ambassadors; Acteens for teenage girls; Women on Mission for women; and co-ed groups Youth on Mission, Children in Action, Adults on Mission.

WMU focuses on four areas of work:

1-Praying for and giving to Southern Baptist missions

2-Doing missions

3-Learning about missions

4-Developing spiritually toward a missions lifestyle 

For more information on Woman's Missionary Union, you may contact the Women's Missions & Ministries/Missions Education Team of the Florida Baptist Convention or e-mail Cindy Goodwin.


Women On Mission
Designed for women age 18 and over, Women on Mission provides a place within the local church where women may serve in and support missions as they grow in their relationship with Christ. Women on Mission groups can be designed to fit the need of each church situation. Women may meet in a large or small group setting. They may choose to have one group or several. Groups may be based on shared age, lifestyle, or interests. However the organization is structured in the local church, women on Mission is a place where women can join with other women for fellowship, spiritual growth, and hands-on missions involvement in an atmosphere of friendship and support.

Women on Mission invites women to:
- recognize their status in Christ
- find an entry point to fulfill Christ's purpose in their lives
- reflect the highest ideals of Christian living
- see their lives as set apart for the gospel
- affirm God's call for them as individuals and as members of a group with a missions purpose 
- reach beyond themselves with a global missions vision
-commit to a missions lifestyle that overflows with enthusiasm and joy. 

For additional information on Women on Mission you may contact the Women's Missions & 
Ministries/Missions Education Team of the Florida Baptist Convention or you may e-mail Cindy Goodwin.

Adults on Mission
Adults on Mission is for men and women who are interested in joining together for fellowship, spiritual growth, and missions activities. As with all WMU age-level organizations, our church's Adults on Mission will reflect the unique needs and interests of your individual members.

Adults on Mission brings the men and women of your church together in order to grow in their relationship with Christ through study, service, and prayer. The co-ed nature of the team provides an ideal opportunity to increase missions involvement by drawing on the strengths and skills of your entire adult congregation. Your church may choose to have one team or many in whatever size best meets the needs of your members.

Even if you cannot or prefer not to meet with a group, you can still be involved in Adults on Mission on an individual basis. You can provide much-appreciated support as part of a network of concerned Christians who participate in missions through personal prayer, giving, ministering, and witnessing.

For additional information concerning Adults on Mission, contact the Women's Missions & 
Ministries/Missions Education Team of the Florida Baptist Convention or e-mail Cindy Goodwin.


Ministers' Wives
Wives of Ministers across the state of Florida have several opportunities each year to come together for fellowship, encouragement, and networking.

The Ministers' Wives Ministry Team assists in planning events for ministers' wives all over Florida.  A track of four conferences is offered during SonShine; the annual meeting of Women's Missions & 
Ministries/Missions Education Team.

The Ministers' Wives Luncheon is held in November of each year as a part of the annual meeting of the Florida Baptist Convention. It is a time of fellowshipping and encouragement for those who choose to attend.

Associations across the state of Florida are developing networks of ministers' wives. For additional information concerning the status of this network within a particular association you may call the association office. 
You may also contact Women's Missions & 
Ministries/Missions Education Team, Florida Baptist Convention or e-mail Cindy Goodwin.

African-American Women
African-American women face unique challenges as they seek to live lives faithful to the teachings of our Saviour Jesus Christ. The greatest assets of this group are a deep and abiding faith in God and the love shared for one another.

Sisters Who Care (SWC) is the new and dynamic call of African-American women to join forces to positively impact homes, churches, communities, and the world with and for Jesus Christ. This emphasis provides practical, flexible, and relevant ways for women to discover how to fulfill the Great Commission, "Go, then, to all peoples everywhere and make them my disciples...and teach them to obey everything I have commanded you. And I will be with you always, to the end of the age." (Matthew 28:19-20 TEV)

The term sister has been used to name this emphasis because the term resonates in both the Christian and African-American communities. African-American women are sisters through their mutual faith in Christ, their ethnic heritage, and their membership in God's creation. They care about strengthening their relationship with God, supporting their fellow believers, and uniting with others to impact their world positively with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sisters Who Care through Women on Mission are given these opportunities. For more information regarding this emphasis contact the Women's Missions & 
Ministries/Missions Education Team of the Florida Baptist Convention or e-mail Cindy Goodwin.


Florida Missionary Parents Fellowship
The Florida Missionary Parents Fellowship provides a network for parents of International Mission Board missionaries for the purpose of fellowship, encouragement and support through sharing information, engaging in prayer and fellowship meetings. For additional information regarding Florida Missionary Parents Fellowship you may contact the Women's Missions & 
Ministries/Missions Education Team of the Florida Baptist Convention. You may e-mail Cindy Goodwin or John Sullivan.

Language Women
The Women's Missions & 
Ministries/Missions Education Team works with women who are a part of the Haitian, Hispanic, and Brazilian language groups. God is moving in mighty ways among the women of these language groups. Work with the children and youth of these groups is also growing.

For assistance with these groups you may contact:

Christine Jean-Baptiste
920 NW 179th Street
Miami, FL 33169
(305) 331-2505

Elizabeth Vicens 
(305) 382-8884

Mirtha de la Cruz
441 Windermere Drive
Lakeland, FL 33809
(813) 859-7296


Women's Ministries
God has a plan for each woman and it is the purpose of Women's Ministries to help women discover that plan, to help them grow in their walk with Him, and to share their walk with others.

Each group of women is unique just as each woman is unique. They are encouraged to explore their uniqueness by discovering the ways God has gifted them. They are aided in developing and using their gifts within their families, their churches, their communities, and throughout the world. These women are then fulfilled, joyful, and fruitful in their service to God.

For additional information regarding Women's Ministries, you may contact the Women's Missions &
Ministries/Missions Education Team of the Florida Baptist Convention. You may also e-mail Cindy Goodwin.

Baptist Nursing Fellowship
The Baptist Nursing Fellowship is a Christian organization of professional nurses. BNF promotes continuing professional education and growth for members and nurse missionaries. The Florida Chapter of Baptist Nursing Fellowship was organized April 21, 1987, with Florida Woman's Missionary Union serving in an advisory capacity.

The main purpose of the organization is to encourage nursing service evolving from a personal commitment to Jesus Christ. There are many ways in which this encouragement is offered.

Membership is open to nursing professionals, both active and inactive, nursing students and associate members. Missionary nurses (active or retired) will be honorary members.

BNF membership and missionary nurses on the mission field are offered support of and fellowship with Christian nurses, opportunity for special training, as well as involvement in disaster relief projects, and local healthcare ministries.

The Florida Board of Nursing has approved the Florida Baptist Nursing Fellowship as a provider for Continuing Education Contact Hours.

If you are interested in more information regarding the Baptist Nursing Fellowship, you may contact the Women's Missions & 
Ministries/Missions Education Team of the Florida Baptist Convention or you may e-mail Cindy Goodwin.
Click here to download the BNF HeartBeat newsletter.

Project HELP: Human Exploitation
Through an initiative called Project HELP, WMU identifies a social and moral issue and ties in national projects that help lead the church to address it. Over the past 16 years, since the launch of Project HELP in 1994-1995, WMU has focused on a variety of universal problems ranging from hunger and poverty to HIV/AIDS and racial injustice. With each issue, we seek to raise the level of awareness and provide practical approaches anyone can implement to open the door for meeting needs and sharing the gospel. During the years 2010-2012, we will explore a condition of the human spirit that has been around for ages—the misuse of our relationships with other people.

For additional information regarding Project HELP:

• Contact the Women's Missions & 
Ministries/Missions Education Team, Florida Baptist Convention, at 800-226-8584, ext. 3141
• E-mail Cindy Goodwin
• Use the website for WMU: www.wmu.com


Christian Women's Job Corps
Christian Women's Job Corps(CWJC) is a job readiness and life skills program that brings hope, dignity, and a brighter future to women who might otherwise remain trapped in poverty and despair. CWJC combines job training, mentoring, networking, and Bible study to help women develop skills and self-confidence in a supportive, Christian environment. E-mail Cindy Goodwin.

Mozambique Prayer Partnership
In 1996, The Women's Missions & 
Ministries/Missions Education Team of the Florida Baptist Convention began a prayer partnership with God and the missionaries of Mozambique. A bi-monthly prayergram is distributed to associational WMU directors. These women then duplicate the prayergram and distribute it to church WMU directors. The church WMU directors duplicate the Mozambique Prayergram for distribution to fellow church members. Each prayergram contains specific prayer requests from the missionaries of Mozambique, as well as from the staff of the Women's Missions & Ministries/Missions Education Team of the Florida Baptist Convention. E-mail Cindy Goodwin.

Click here to download the Prayergram.

Missions is the heart of Acteens, and members explore and do missions in a variety of ways. Acteens offers teenage girls an opportunity to grow in their understanding of God themselves, and others. Its goal is to nurture a dynamic relationship with God in a lifelong missions journey.

An Acteens group gives girls in grades 7-12 a place to share concerns and find support during a very important stage in their lives. The transition from youth to adulthood can be a challenging time, and Acteens provides a safe and welcome environment where girls can learn more about themselves and their place in God's plan.

Everything about Acteens is designed with the needs and interests of teenage girls in mind. In addition to providing a place for friendship and personal growth, Acteens gives girls the opportunity to become actively involved in missions work right now.

Acteens generally meet as a group several times a month to share in the following missions experiences:

- Praying for and giving to missions
- Doing missions
Learning about missions
- Developing spiritually toward a missions lifestyle 

For more information concerning Acteens, you may contact the Women's Mission & 
Ministries/Missions Education Team of the Florida Baptist Convention or you may e-mail Emma Sue Beck at ebeck@flbaptist.org or call 800-226-8584, ext. 3140.


Youth on Mission
Youth on Mission is a way to involve your entire youth community in missions. It is a co-ed organization for youth in grades 7-12. The goal of Youth on Mission is to help young people understand Biblical missions concepts and to give them a means of expressing their faith through personal involvement in God's global missions plan.

Youth on Mission is specifically designed for today's teens. Directed by an adult leadership team, Youth on Mission can take any number of forms to meet the interests, needs, and even the busy schedules of members. The group may be large or small, or there may be several groups based on grade level, meeting site, or some other common thread that members share.

For additional information concerning Youth on Mission you may contact the Women's Missions &
Ministries/Missions Education Team of the Florida Baptist Convention, or you may e-mail Emma Sue Beck at ebeck@flbaptist.org. or call 800-226-8584, ext. 3140.
Acteens Activators
The Acteens Activators/Activators Abroad program is designed specifically for girls actively involved in the Acteens organization. It provides girls a chance to go as a part of a team and actually do missions. They work side by side with real home and international missionaries who (along with the ever-faithful Acteens advisors) give instruction and direction.

To be an Acteen Activator a girl must be active in the Acteens organization, be 15 years of age or older, and be willing to train for 60+ hours.

As a result these girls will be a part of the ELITE youth mission teams most requested by missionaries to help them on the mission field. These young women are changing their world!

For more information regarding Acteens Activators/Activators Abroad you may contact the Women's Missions & 
Ministries/Missions Education Team of the Florida Baptist Convention or you may e-mail Emma Sue Beck at ebeck@flbaptist.org. or call 800-226-8584, ext. 3140.
You may also find additional information at the Acteens website, www.acteens.com.


Acteens ComeTogether
What an EXCITING event for young women! ComeTogether is for all girls, (not just Acteens) grades 7-12 and is LIFE-CHANGING! Here girls talk about issues directly relating to their lives, they are given the opportunity to learn a creative arts ministry, and they are challenged to be on mission to reach their lost world for Christ.

Florida Acteens State Advisory Panelist
Florida State Acteens Panelists are outstanding young women who are active in the Acteens organization in their local church. This panel plays a vital part in planning and implementing state Acteens events. They speak in churches and associations across the state in support of missions and Acteens. They serve as strategists in the development of future goals relating to development and growth of Acteens organizations.

They are selected based on their apparent leadership skills, their missions involvement, their spiritual maturity and their achievement within the Acteens organization.

To be considered for position on the panel a young woman must:

- Be 15 years of age by June 1, and a sophomore or above in high school
- Be a church member and a member of a local Acteens organization
- She must have completed Queen or one Missions Quest level and be working on Queen with Scepter or higher level, or a second Missions Quest level.
- She must be available to attend the Acteens Activator Training, the two Acteens ComeTogether events, and the annual meeting of Women's Missions & Ministries/Missions Education Team, SonShine.
- She must agree to serve for one year, September to September. 

Applications must include photo, parent's signature, and recommendations.

For additional information, contact the Women's Missions & 
Ministries/Missions Education Team of the Florida Baptist Convention at 1-800-226-8584, ext. 3140 or e-mail Emma Sue Beck.


Girls in Action
This is a missions organization for girls in grades 1-6. GA members are actively involved in learning about missions, personal first hand experience in missions, praying for and giving to missions. For additional information go to www.wmu.com/children.

 2011-6-21-WMM-GA-Journey-logo.jpg Welcome to GA Journey: An Introduction for Leaders 
(PowerPoint presentation)

Listed below are several statewide events in which these girls and their leaders and/or parents may be involved:

• GA Missions Jamboree is a Saturday event for girls and their leaders. It provides opportunities to meet and interact with missionaries, be involved in a ministry project, and become aware of ways girls in Florida are doing missions. E-mail Jill Cumbo.


• Mom and Me Getaway occurs on a Friday evening through Saturday. This event encourages a positive relationship between mother and daughter in a missions setting. This event also offers an opportunity to meet missionaries thus opening the door for a clearer understanding of God's call to missions for every Christian. E-mail Delicia Garland.

• Camp WorldLight is a week-long summer program at Blue Springs Baptist Conference Center and Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center for girls entering grades 3-12.

Each year, the camp focuses on a specific area of the world and emphasizes that region's culture through interactive cultural simulations. Other camp activities campers are involved in during the week include interactive drama-based Bible Study; swimming, canoeing, drama, crafts, outdoor worship services, mission study, individualized track times, cross-cultural experiences, water games, ropes course (grades 7-12), and great night events.

Visit the Camp WorldLight web site

For more information, contact the Women's Missions & 
Ministries/Missions Education Team of the Florida Baptist Convention at 800-226-8584, ext. 3141. E-mail Anne Wilson or Delicia Garland.

Children in Action
This is a coeducational mission organization for boys and girls in grades 1-6. Members are actively involved in learning about missions, personal first hand experience in missions, praying for and giving to missions. E-mail 
Jill Cumbo.

Additional information available at www.wmu.com/children.

• Xtreme Missions is a statewide event, for boys and girls in grades 1-6. This action-packed missions event is designed for participants to meet and interact with missionaries and other missions role models through a variety of activities which will teach them how to support missions and grow spiritually toward a missions lifestyle. E-mail Jill Cumbo.

Mission Friends
This missions organization is designed for preschoolers, birth through Kindergarten. It provides sensory experiences and other age-appropriate activities that help preschoolers become aware of ways they can be helpers as they learn about missions and missionaries. You can discover more information about Mission Friends by visiting their website at www.wmu.com/preschool. E-mail 
Jill Cumbo.

Royal Ambassadors
RAs is a Bible-centered, church-based missions education organization for boys in 1-6 grades, currently sponsored by the North American Mission Board, an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention. Plans are underway for the National Woman's Missionary Union, an Auxiliary to the Southern Baptist Convention, to assume this responsibility for resourcing RAs, beginning September 2012. In Florida, the Women's Missions &
Ministries/Missions Education Team has already accepted this responsibility. For additional information, contact Paul Elwing or go to www.royalambassadors.org.

Online Leader Development
Online Leader Development, sponsored by the Women's Missions & 
Ministries/Missions Education Team, offers web-based leadership training in missions education at all age levels, as well as training in women's ministry and associational missions involvement. These 2 1/2-hour anytime, anywhere courses are designed to provide online interaction with an instructor and include application of learning in the student's own environment. For more information, go to www.flbaptist.org/courses or e-mail Sue Johns.

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