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The Southern Baptist Convention Seminary Extension Institute is located in the Southern Baptist Convention building in Nashville, Tennessee. Seminary Extension provides theological education and ministry training to bivocational/small church pastors, church leaders and members who are seeking theological education and ministry training where they live.
Doug Watkins, at the Florida Baptist Convention, is the Seminary Extension contact for Florida. For more information on this type of theological education, contact him at:
Dr. Doug Watkins
Team Strategist, Theological Education Ministries
Orlando Theological Education Hub
Seminary Extension is an option for equipping today's busy Christian ministers and lay people with theological knowledge, ministry skills and competencies. Seminary Extension equips believers for ministry without having them uproot and move to a specific location.


Seminary Extension is under the direction and guidance of the Council of Seminary Presidents, which consist of the Presidents of the six theological seminaries of the Southern Baptist Convention - Golden GateMidwesternNew OrleansSoutheasternSouthern and Southwestern.

Students may take courses through independent study (coorespondence). When the student enrolls in a course they are sent materials to lead them through the course of study. A student has up to six months to complete a course.
Students may also take courses as a part of a local study group. Each year thousands of pastors, Christian laypersons and church workers continue their education for ministry by studying in an association office or local church. Opportunities for this kind of study are listed on the Seminary Extension website.
A Seminary Extension center is a locally sponsored group of students who come together with a mentor to study courses designed to help all Christians gain increased understanding and skills needed for competent Christian ministry. In order to teach Seminary Extension courses, centers must be certified by Seminary Extension. Persons interested in exploring the possibility of establishing a center to train persons in their area may request information and assistance from Seminary Extenion.

Seminary Extension also offers a limited number of web-enabled (Internet) courses. These courses begin the third Monday of August, January, and May. See the Seminary Extension website for a listing of the courses offered.

Seminary Extension Offerings

Level One Courses

All Seminary Extension Basic courses are non-credit and non-transferable. Students who prefer easy-to-read materials will find these courses especially helpful. These are also beneficial for persons for whom English is a second language. Although dealing with adult concepts, each course is written on a simplified reading level.


A study guide is the only textbook. with the exception of courses BS 10, BS 11, BS 15 and BS 16 which use the Bible and another textbook. No written tests are required in Level One courses.  

These courses do not carry transferable credit and do not count toward Seminary Extension Diplomas.


Level Two Courses

Seminary Extension's Level Two Curriculum is designed to challenge students with the academics of a college course while maintaining a deliberate focus on relevant and immediate application. Although these courses may be used for the completion of one of our certificates or diplomas, each is designed to stand alone. Taken under certain guidelines, these courses do carry the possibility of transferable credit. However, Seminary Extension cannot guarantee acceptance of credit hours by other institutions. If a student intends to seek transfer credit to another institution in the future, we advise them to check with the receiving school before enrolling in a Seminary Extension course.


For additional information, contact Seminary Extension:

901 Commerce St., Ste. 500
Nashville, TN  37203
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