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Thomas A. Kinchen, President, B.A., M.Ed., M.Div., Ph.D.

Mission Statement

"Changing the World Through the Unchanging Word®"

The Baptist College of Florida shall operate within the confines of a Christian worldview to promote, provide for, operate and control a program of education and training for Christian leaders through awarding certificates and associate, baccalaureate and graduate degrees in a co-educational post secondary setting.

To fulfill its mission, the college seeks to develop those qualities in students that contribute to effective ministry. In the area of personal growth, we seek to foster a desire for knowledge; develop cultural awareness by introducing students to a wide range of knowledge; nurture the ability to acquire, evaluate, assimilate, and use information; and promote personal and social maturity.

For spiritual growth, we provide the resources for gaining biblical and religious data; we also assist students in learning and living the Christian life. In terms of professional growth, students are enabled to gain the credentials that enhance opportunities for ministry, and they learn to master a specialized body of knowledge.

At the same time, we encourage positive attitudes toward ministry and foster both an awareness of and a loyalty to the Southern Baptist heritage.

©2008 Baptist College of Florida

Distance Programs Available

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies

The Christian Studies major is designed to provide students who have completed an Associate of Arts degree from regionally accredited community colleges an opportunity for ministerial training on the baccalaureate level and to prepare them for church-related ministry of various types and for seminary or graduate school.

Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Studies

The Ministry Studies major is designed to equip students for various church-related ministries, other ministry roles, and for seminary or graduate school. The major is designed for the student who needs some flexibility in the required program of study.

Associate of Divinity

This area of study is designed for students who have been called of God to some form of pastoral ministry. The degree will provide basic training for the minister in the areas of Bible knowledge, theological and pastoral skills, and an introduction to the disciplines of general education.

Course Delivery

Graceville Classes: Main Campus

Online Classes
Distance Site Classes

Distance Sites

BCF offers three sites for education across Florida. BCF provides regionally accredited biblical education through our Distance Learning division for students who cannot attend on-campus classes. Through distance education the college gives students the opportunity to acquire theological training leading to a baccalaureate degree utilizing class offerings in regular off-campus classrooms near their homes.

We will be launching the Panama City site soon to be located at:
Family of God Baptist Church
901 East Business Highway 98
Panama City, FL 32401
Phone: 850-769-4021
Coordinator: James Oney, Sr.
Email: james.sr.oney@baptistcollege.edu

Other Considerations

Tuition and Fees: Distance site tuition is less than on-campus tuition. Online tuition is the same as on-campus tuition plus an additional technology fee per course.

For information on distance education, please contact the site director in your area or www.baptistcollege.edu.

Undergraduate Work

Associate and Bachelor Degree Courses

Jacksonville Center
First Baptist Church, Jacksonville
124 W. Ashley Street
Jacksonville, FL32202
Phone: 904-442-6419
Coordinator: Joe Molina
Email: jrmolina@baptistcollege.edu

For current schedule, click here.

Orlando Center-BCF

FirstBaptistChurch, Orlando
3000 S. John Young Parkway
Orlando, FL 32805
Coordinator: Mr. James (Jim) Robinett
Phone: 850-415-0564, 407-514-4418 or 850-415-0564 
Email: jrobinett@baptistcollege.edu

For current schedule, click here.

Pensacola Center-BCF

Olive Baptist Church
1836 E. Olive Rd.
Pensacola, FL 32514
Coordinator: Mr. Jon Dubois
Phone: 850-475-1149
Email: jadubois@baptistcollege.edu 
For current schedule, click here.

Online Education Information

The Baptist College of Florida Online Campus allows students to engage in learning wherever the internet is available. The online campus functions much like the traditional campus, delivering courses and programs by linking faculty and students via the Internet.

Courses are scheduled with beginning and end dates, just like on-campus semesters. There are assigned due dates for all classroom activities including coursework, assigned readings, and online discussions. The BCF online campus is not correspondence-course delivery and is not self-paced. Online courses are available in most locations.

For Distance Learning information, contact:

Dr. David Coggins
Director of Distance Learning
Phone: 800-328-2660 ext. 482
Email: jdcoggins@baptistcollge.edu

For complete and up-to-date information, please consult the college website at www.baptistcollege.edu.

Certificate Work by BCF and NOBTS

Church Leadership Certificates

The Baptist College of Florida offers certificate work to students north of the I-4 corridor and New Orleans

Baptist Theological Seminary offers certificate work to students south of the I-4 corridor.

Jacksonville Center-BCF

Effective leadership in local churches is now more critical than ever. Pastors of smaller churches need assistance in leading the total church program. Mid-sized churches have leadership needs in age-graded programs. Staff members in larger churches need additional assistance in program development and implementation. The church leadership certificate program addresses the need of leadership by providing specialized, short-term training for church leaders. This program is available to all persons regardless of educational background.

The church leadership certificates are composed of eight one-hour classes fully accredited by The Baptist College of Florida or New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary’s LeavellCollege. Certificates are aimed at meeting the needs of two primary audiences: pastors who cannot come to the campus or an extension center for theological education; and lay leaders who want to learn more and be equipped for ministry. The certificates provide affordable, accredited training available near every student.

Available certificates:

Biblical Ministry Certificate

Biblical Teaching Certificate

Christian Education Certificate

Church Planting Certificate

Pastoral Ministry Certificate

Pastoral Ministry Certificate in AfricanAmericanChurch Studies

The cost of certificate classes varies depending upon teacher compensation. Every student pays a one-time $25 application fee and tuition of $25 per course. Some centers offer as many as four classes a semester while others only offer one.

Offering certificates in specific locals and subjects:

The seminary is accredited to offer these courses in multiple places. In short, after going through an approval process, certificate classes can be offered in most churches or associational offices. Basic requirements for offering a new certificate include: a place to meet; 10-15 interested participants; and qualified teachers with a master's degree and 18 hours of study in the area being taught. Most teachers have at least a master of divinity from an accredited seminary.



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