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Support Ministries includes four additional administrative units and several support teams that undergird the work and ministries of all the program services provided by the Florida Baptist Convention. These support ministries, performed by various entities, provide the behind-the-scenes and foundational infrastructure and resources that enable all program ministry teams to more effectively serve the leadership in local churches and associations. 


The  executive director-treasurer for the State Board of Missions serves as staff to the Board and its committees as well as provides counsel and assistance to the State Convention’s boards and committees. In addition, he is responsible for the entire employed staff, program and budget planning, and special emphasis planning. 
 Green.JPG J. Thomas Green
Executive Director-Treasurer
Patty Vansant, ext. 3016
This office seeks to promote participation by churches in the Cooperative Program, the unified giving program of Southern Baptists. To accomplish that task a variety of resources are developed and distributed to promote and provide information on this vital mission funding mechanism.

sullivan_2005.jpg  John Sullivan
Executive Director-Treasurer Emeritus


The assistant executive director assists the executive director-treasurer in certain administrative matters. In addition the director supervises two program areas, as well as giving leadership to the program of moral concerns/public affairs. The assistant executive director serves as the Ministry Coordinator for all the Convention’s calendar and program development (OGAP).
Owens Bio Photo  Glen E. Owens
Assistant Executive Director/Ministry Coordinator
800-226-8584, ext. 3020

Stewardship/Church Staff Benefits Team
The Stewardship/Church Staff Benefits team provides assistance to church and association leadership in stewardship education and development and to ministers and their families in making long-range plans for retirement. The team also assists church committees in planning compensation and benefits for church staffs.
Gary Townsend
Team Strategist
800-226-8584, ext. 3022


The Strategic Endowed Giving team is responsible for developing and conducting a strategy that promotes, solicits and secures financial resources to underwrite endowment and other restricted gift funds that benefit the Cooperative Program and the Florida Baptist Convention’s mission and ministry programs.
Brenda McCollum
Team Strategist
800-226-8584, ext. 3030


The director of Business Services provides administrative oversight to the receiving and disbursing of funds from churches, institutions, agencies and individuals according to the State Convention’s Business and Financial Plan. In addition, he is responsible for personnel, properties management and oversight of Convention facilities.
baumgardner_06.jpg Stephens L. Baumgardner
800-226-8584, ext. 3040
Terri Brown, ext. 3040

Accounting Office
This support service receives and disburses funds from churches, institutions and agencies. The office director serves as internal auditor for various department funds and ensures that proper internal control procedures are followed in keeping with Convention policy.

Staton_Charles.jpg Charles Staton
800-226-8584, ext. 3046

Convention Facilities
This support service provides for the management, maintenance and repair of all properties owned by the Florida Baptist Convention. This office is responsible for operating the conference and camp facilities at Lake Yale and Blue Springs. 
sawyer_don.jpg Don Sawyer
800-226-8584, ext. 8800
Paula Foster, ext. 8800

Technology Services Office
Information processing needs of program and support services are served by this office. A network of approximately 110 personal computers and 40 printers are used to service Convention staff. Software systems included on the network are accounting, word processing, inter-office communications, calendar, master address system, internal forms and minister location system. This office also maintains an office supply facility as well as the mail and package processing center. 

wright_06.jpg Lonnie Wright
800-226-8584, ext. 3052
Melissa Patterson, ext. 3052


The public relations director assists the Convention’s administration and program staff through public relations counsel, news and information services, publication development, program promotion, and audiovisual media services. In addition, the director handles annual convention meeting arrangements, State Mission Offering promotion, and provides staff support to state convention committees. 
hepburn_06.jpg Donald S. Hepburn
800-226-8584, ext. 3150 
Nadine Ansley, ext. 3150

Communications Office
This support service provides a program of news, information and promotion marketing for the Florida Baptist Convention. News and feature stories are developed for use by secular and denominational news media. Assistance is provided to Convention staff in developing and planning program promotion. The director coordinates the development of news, feature and promotional materials for placement on the Convention’s website www.flbaptist.org, Facebook, Twitter, and the Florida Baptist Witness. 

Denman_2011.jpg Barbara L. Denman
800-226-8584, ext. 3151

Visual Media Services Office
This support service provides assistance to the Convention staff in the development and production of all audiovisual media materials for use in local churches and at statewide meetings. This office serves as custodian and controller of all Convention audiovisual media equipment.

800-226-8584, ext. 3157



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