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Providing Space
Multiple Sunday Schools(pdf) Used by permission, LifeWay Christian Resources


Helping People Connect with Your Community

Contact Campaigns:
F.I.S.H. High Attendance Day (pdf) (Friends Intentionally Sharing Hope)
F.I.S.H. Adult Lesson 1 (pdf)
F.I.S.H. Adult Lesson 2 (pdf)
F.I.S.H. Adult Lesson 3 (pdf)
F.I.S.H. Student Lessons (pdf)
F.I.S.H. Children's Lessons (pdf)

Group Starting Campaigns:

Kingdom Person Resources:

Kingdom Person Profile


Description: Jesus invited His disciples on a journey by asking them to follow Him and become fishers of people. At the end of His ministry on earth, Jesus encouraged these disciples to continue that journey by telling them to go into all the world and make disciples. Today, the question we must ask is, "Am I truly following Jesus?" This guide will explore the 6 dimensions of a Kingdom Person: 1. A Worshiping Person 2. A Praying Person 3. A Biblical Person 4. A Serving Person 5. A Generous Person 6. A Reproducing Person Follow also provides self evaluation tools for determining where a person is on the journey to follow Jesus.

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Description: This guide explores what it takes to become a Kingdom Person and is designed as a Sunday School or Small Group study. A Kingdom Person is in the process of disengaging from the American Dream in order to live like Jesus and advance God’s Kingdom at any price. A Kingdom person is growing in the following 6 dimensions of life: A Worshiping Person lives worship by surrendering his or her own agenda and embracing God’s agenda. A Praying Person has learned to hear the Father’s voice and respond to His mission, just as Jesus modeled. A Biblical Person is developing a healthy Biblical framework for living and is committed to following Jesus in every area of life. A Serving Person demonstrates love to one’s neighbor through willingness to put the needs of others above oneself and live out the truths of the Gospel. A Generous Person invests extravagantly in the Kingdom of God and the well-being of His body. A Reproducing Person is a disciple maker who leads others to lead others to live like Jesus.

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Spiritual Journal

Description: Daily Bible reading, prayer, Scripture memorization, and journaling are vital disciplines for following Christ. Many people, however, do not practice these disciplines because they do not have a plan to follow. This journal is designed to provide an easy-to-follow plan for reading the Bible, praying, Scripture memorization, and journaling. It includes a 52 week Bible reading plan that moves through the Bible chronologically along with a guide for using the ACTS of prayer. There are also instructions on using the SOAP Bible study method the SOAP sermon note taking method, and SOAP journal pages. A Scripture memory plan and chart is also included

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Sunday School and Small Groups Leadership Resources
Small Groups.com (Christianity Today)
Real Time Leaders: Training and Equipping Leaders in Real Time
Sexual  Protection Resources


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Sunday School, Groups, and Discipling Ministries

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