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Spiritual Awakening

The needs in our hearts, our homes, our churches, our communities, our state, and our nation reveal the greater need for revival among Christians and spiritual awakening throughout the nation. We must bring the focus back on the Lord Jesus, His salvation, following His Word, and praying in line with His heart.


These resources are designed to help the believer and the local church pray more effectively and specifically for the spiritual needs of those throughout our communities and for revival in our churches.


You may download or print any of these PDF files by simply clicking on one of the titles.

2015 JUNE

"#freshFOCUS -  Every believer faces times of feeling disconnected, fuzzy thinking, or feeling stuck.
#freshFOCUS seeks to refresh the connection, renew thinking, and help one move forward with the Lord."

Prayer Points

Preparation Guide for Biblical Repentance and Prayer for Spiritual Renewal 

Seeking God (booklet)
      —Includes "A Spiritual Check-Up", "How to Deal with Sin", "Guidelines for Prayer and Fasting"

Solemn Assembly, by Richard Owen Roberts 

Solemn Assembly, A Step-By-Step Guide by Claude King 

Solemn Assembly, Sunday School Lesson 

Sound the Alarm: Call a Sacred Assembly 

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