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Prayer Gatherings


Across our land and across our state the Lord is stirring the hearts of pastors to seek the Lord at a new level. The need is certain. The call is serious. The results could be nation-altering, church altering, certainly heart altering… my heart, your heart, the hearts of those we minister with and the communities we live in.

Recently, I talked with Pastor Ted Traylor who had been part of the Pastors’ Prayer Gatherings in Dallas in the Fall of 2013 and in Atlanta early this year. He told me the story of the burden that arose that led to that meeting. It started with himself and four other pastors, five guys walking through the Billy Graham archives in North Carolina. As they walked and read and saw what God had done over the years, the Spirit of God touched these five pastors with a burden, and they prayed there. Then, with a deeper sense of ‘we must do something…’ the Lord showed them that the “something” was pray further...pray with others! He shared with me an insightful quote that God used to speak to him of God’s ways in such a time as this…

“As you read the history of these movements of the Spirit in the long history of the Christian church, that generally the very first thing that happens, and which eventually leads to a great revival, is that one man, or a group of men, suddenly begin to feel this burden, and they feel the burden so much that are led to do something about it.” (Martin Lloyd-Jones, REVIVAL, p. 163)

2014-5-1-PSA-PrayerGuy.pngIn a recent email, he stated simply, “Rick, this is what I believe happened to us in North Carolina. All we knew to do was pray.” And those five guys are not alone. That same kind of burden is on the heart of many, many pastors—I am hearing this from many places throughout Florida and beyond—“we need to pray.”

God is stirring. His winds are blowing. May we see His Spirit move on surrendered hearts. May He work through each one, speaking and living the message that Jesus is Lord, that Jesus saves, and only He can give New Life to His church and His people—Psalm 85:6—“Will You not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in You?”May revived pastors lead to revived churches and may prayer gatherings multiply across our land! May we see a fruitful harvest of lives changed forever as one by one people hear and believe.

-Rick Shepherd

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