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Prayer and Spiritual Awakening Team

This team seeks to assist churches and their leadership in understanding the role and purpose of prayer and spiritual awakening as an integral element of a church’s ministry. The team strategist also provides consultation and resources to develop and promote prayer, intercessory prayer and spiritual awakening in the life of a church and individual.

 shepherd_06.jpg Rick Shepherd
Team Strategist
800-226-8584, ext. 3098

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Click here for Overview of Clear, Hear, Near.Here, and Fear Booklets.

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How to Have a Local Church "War Room"

"Pleading with Southern Baptists" by SBC President Ronnie Floyd is a call to pray for spiritual awakening with 5 Action Points. Join in and Pray!

"Note from Rick Shepherd about Ronnie Floyd's Pleading with Southern Baptists"


Hurricane Bulletin
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How to Pray for Your Pastor
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"Engage Florida Prayer Guide"
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Building Praying Churches
 focuses on practical and creative ways to incorporate prayer into the entire life of the church with the goal of multiple entry points and maximum involvement in prayer and evangelism. 

Prayerwalking — The Prayer in Motion seminar focuses on the what, why and how of PrayerWalking every area of a church’s ministry—the church grounds, neighborhoods, schools, businesses, hospitals, government offices and recreation areas—everywhere people live, work and play.

Praying Together

 — The SAME HEART seminar focuses on Corporate Prayer—what the scriptures say about praying together; how the Body of Christ should pray; and practical ways to see that happen.  

Building a Praying Life focuses on praying God’s way; growing in one’s personal prayer life; how to have a personal Quiet Time; and learning how to discern the will of God through prayer.

Times of Refreshing focuses on the need and call to prayer for spiritual awakening, including the need for repentance, cleansing and to seek God with greater intensity.

The Path of Prayer in the Tabernacle looks at the Biblical pattern for prayer and the call of God to seek Him and to follow Him His way.

For more information on prayer-related resources, call 1-800-226-8584, ext. 3098, or email the team.

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