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Personal Evangelism Team


This team strategist seeks to assist churches and associations in planning, promoting, conducting and evaluating personal witnessing efforts, giving particular attention to lay evangelism schools, one-day soul-winning workshops, continuing witness training, youth evangelism conferences and youth evangelism schools.

  David Burton, Team Strategist
Angela Conley, 800-226-8584, ext. 3096

The purpose of the Personal Evangelism Team is to equip Christians with one-on-one witnessing tools and strategies, and to mobilize them in partnership with God in His redemptive plan. The work of the team is to assist ministry leaders in the fulfillment of the Great Commission so their churches will be healthy, growing and evangelistic. Churches which are intentional with evangelism strategies teach members how to share the gospel who will, in turn, teach others: multiplication evangelism. The team provides leadership in the FAITH Strategy, Personal Evangelism and Student Evangelism. 


• Annotated Bibliography - (pdf)

• Consumed with Hope


• Selected Reading  - (pdf)

• Solutions for Evangelism in the Sunday School

• Comparison Grid  - (pdf)

For more information on Personal Evangelism, call 1-800-226-8584, ext. 3096, or e-mail the team.

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