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The Missional Support lead strategist serves as a Missionary Mobilizer for the Florida Baptist Convention. He seeks to do this by championing the cause of missions in churches and local Baptist associations. He continues to tell the story of how we should embrace Florida and the world with the Gospel. He gives oversight to the five teams that make up the Missional Support Group. He gives direction to budgets, calendar and programming within the Missional Support Group. He serves as the liaison to the directors of the 49 local Baptist associations in Florida.


Church and Community Ministries Team 

This team strategist seeks to assist churches as they provide a Christian witness through the discovery of community and human needs, the training of volunteers and the implementation of Christian social ministries. The ministry team also assists churches seeking to minister to migrant laborers and their families. 

johnston.jpg Marc Johnston
Team Strategist
800-226-8584, ext. 3113
Carol Wheeler, ext. 3113

Castillo-12-2011x600.jpg Misael Castillo
Field Missionary/Migrants
Carol Wheeler, ext. 3113
 Lentz_Cathyx600.jpg Cathy Lentz
Field Missionary/English Language Missions
Carol Wheeler, ext. 3113

Church Loans Office 
This office is responsible for planning, conducting and evaluating the Convention’s financial assistance programs to churches; providing consultation to churches experiencing catastrophic events; coordinating property preservation for continued Kingdom use.
  Carol Wheeler, ext. 3130


This team is assigned to lead the Convention’s ministry of disaster relief and recovery. This ministry encompasses two emphases. The first priority is the training of volunteer personnel and the readiness of equipment to respond to the aftermath of a natural disaster. Secondly, following a natural disaster, the team strategist coordinates the deployment of volunteers and support equipment to assist individuals and churches by providing emergency feeding, on-site clean-up and recovery services. 

Delton Beall
Team Strategist
800-226-8584, ext. 3121
ext. 3121
Marvin Corbin
Field Missionary/Logistics
ext. 3121

Partnership Missions Team 
The Partnership Missions team manages Florida Baptists’ home and international partnerships. The partnership task includes the enlistment of volunteers to provide mission and ministry activities in the partnership states and countries.

Holloway__Johnx600.jpg John Holloway
Team Strategist
800-226-8584, ext. 3133
Loida Reyes, ext. 3133

Women's Missions & Ministries/Missions Education Team  
The four tasks of this team are to involve women and girls in: learning about missions; engaging in mission action and direct evangelism; supporting missions through giving, praying, and considering missions as a vocation; and learning about the work of the denomination. The team also provides assistance to local churches to foster the development of other women-oriented ministries.

Bradley_Cindyx600.jpg Cynthia Bradley
Team Strategist
800-226-8584, ext. 3141
Delicia Garland, ext. 3141

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