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Evangelism Tools for Children

16 VBS Strategies2012-10-17-EVA-16-VBS-Strategiesx200.jpg
Making an annual, focused intentional effort to plan an evangelistic Vacation Bible School will often result in as many or more baptisms than any other event of the church calendar.

FREE (up to 25)
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A way to get kids involved in praying for friends and connecting them to Jesus through VBS (or other Kids Ministries).

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2008.CAT.ETC2.jpgCross Talk
This colorful and bright kid’s gadget is a clever tract that explains the Good News of Jesus Christ using simple language and a powerful message.

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2008.CAT.ETC3.jpgChildren’s eCube
A colorful, fun interactive visual tool that flips and folds to reveal a clear Gospel message that equips kids to share with others.

For ordering and pricing:
www.e3resources.org or
888-354-9411, ext. 215
2008.CAT.ETC4.jpgFlipper Flapper and Gospel Tract
By simply “flipping” the flaps four times the entire Gospel can be presented with the use of illustrations and colors.

Accompanying Tract:
How to Have a Very Special Friend!2008.CAT.ETC5.jpg

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Flipper Flapper

How to Have a Very Special Friend

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2008.CAT.ETC6.jpgSharing God’s Special Plan Tract
Creatively capture a child’s attention while communicating the Gospel clearly on a child’s level of understanding.

Product #22.0840087225
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2008.CAT.ETC7.jpgIllusion Bible
This tool is sure to get the attention of those you want to hear the claims of Christ. Great for children’s church, street and beach evangelism, visitation and mission trips.

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2008.CAT.ETC8.jpgImportant Question Tract
Witnessing booklet explains the plan of salvation in easy-to-understand language and simple illustrations.

For ordering and pricing:
www.namb.net/catalog or 866-407-6262
2009-EVS-SharingGospelWithKids.gifSharing the Gospel with Kids
Sharing the Gospel with Kids is excerpted from “The Art of Personal Evangelism” by Will McRaney and covers multiple topics; from the Spiritual Condition of the Child to Baptism & Follow-up Issues.

 $.95 per booklet  
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2008.CAT.ETC9.jpgSPLAT Tattoos - Show and Tell
A clever way to start a conversation with children and share the Gospel using the salvation colors.    
Product #22.EVSPTAT
For ordering and pricing: 866-407-6262 or www.nambstore.com
2008.CAT.ETC10.jpgThe Gospel Glove
These plastic gloves use Wordless Book colors plus pictures and corresponding verses to tell the salvation story. Give a glove to each child and encourage him to use it to tell his friends about Jesus' love. (Gloves are large enough for an adult.)       
For ordering and pricing:
www.childrensbibleclub.com or
2008.CAT.ETC11.jpgWordless Book
One of the most popular tools for witnessing, the Wordless Book presents the salvation message using five colored pages.   
For ordering and pricing:
www.cefpress.com or 636-456-4321

For more information on any of these resources, please call 800-226-8584, ext. 3090 or e-mail the Evangelism Division.


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