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Dr. Sullivan's Commentary

(most recent listed first)

Dance with the one who 'brung' you

Theological education claims our future while enhancing the gospel

Developing on the limb leadership in a turbulent world

Reflections on our 20th Anniversary

Promo for "Just Give Me Jesus"

Gainesville pastor's book on love, marriage and sex offers valuable insights

The Cooperative Program translates intention to reality
The Cooperative Program—at the center of our missions

Haiti project continues to offer hope

Reflections on the Year 2007

Discussion, debate mark 2007 SBC meeting

Some Things I Need to Say

A Challenge to Pastors - Part 2

A Challenge to Pastors - Part 1

Abstinence of alcohol represents a changed life

Why I believe in abstinence of alcohol

The Problem with "Ethyl"

Hosts, leaders of FBSC went 'extra mile'

Sullivan shares Sumner Wemp's witnessing experience

I don't mind telling you . . .Sumner Wemp

Insights on leadership relevant today – Part 2

Insights on leadership relevant today - Part 1

Science and religion should be reconciled through biblical insight and faith

Deliverymen, repairmen offer opportunities for gospel presentations

Haiti pastor graduation becomes one of life's great joys

Let's Go Fishing

The best news in all the world

Planting seeds for the harvest

Endowing the Cooperative Program, good idea whose time has come

Reflections on the Southern Baptist Convention: The Cooperative Program

How Does The Florida Baptist State Convention Work?

How Does The Baptist Association Work?

How Does The Cooperative Program Work?

Church polity meshes independence and cooperation

I Don't Mind Telling You...
Jan. 20, 2006

Victory claimed in midst of storms

Love produces desire when a presence matters

Can you attempt the impossible?

Our ability overcomes their inability

Presence Costs

Presence not pontification aids during storms

How important is the theology of presence during the storm?

The importance of theology during a storm

The Cooperative Program and Disaster Relief

The realities of Hurricane Katrina

Reflecting the heart of the King

Sullivan petitions churches after surveying damage from Hurricane Dennis

Preachers must speak with integrity to the times
(part 3 of 3)

Preaching must discern culture when communicating unchanging content
(part 2 of 3)

Issachar Implications
(part 1 of 3)

Definitions and Ideas about Preaching
(part 2)

The Timothy Factor (part 1)

God's Calling is central dynamic of the preacher's life and work (part 3)

Called to Preach (part 2)

The Jeremiah Factor: The call to preach (part 1)

Fractured lives need faithful folks

• The Doctrine of the Second Coming
Second coming of Christ critical to biblical theology (first in series of two)
Pre-millennialism offers pragmatic view of Scripture (second in series of two)

• The Doctrine of Atonement
Atonement:God's act to make salvation possible (first in series of four)
Reconciliation possible through Christ's death on the cross (second in series of four)
Christ was fulfillment of Old Testament sacrificial law (third in series of four)
Understand atonement in light of New Covenant (fourth in series of four)

• The Doctrine of the Church
Church is to reflect the nature and work of Christ (first in series of four)
The church: a fellowship of believers and divine organism (second in series of four)
The Great Commission personifies the church's mission (third in series of four)
Functions of church are to worship, proclaim, educate, minister (fourth in series of four)

Florida Baptists respond to need in various ways

A note from Dr. John Sullivan

Life's storms will not determine our demeanor

Unsung heroes caught in acts of kindness

Florida Baptists will stand in the gap for pastors in hurricane ravaged communities

The Great Commission personifies the church's mission

The church: a fellowship of believers and divine organism

Doctrine of the Church

The Holy Spirit revealed through conviction, experience and illumination

Charismatic practices remove focus from God

'Spiritual warfare' and 'dancing in spirit' not always applicable to New Testament church

The Revelation of the Holy Spirit

The sovereign Holy Spirit inseparably relates to Christ

Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

Doctrine of the Christian Life

Doctrine of Christian life defined by salvation, justification and union with Christ

Cuba: Amazing Grace

Holiness of God calls to holy living

Theological Studies offered

Holiness of God

Visit to Haiti

The message of hope counters 'the experience of nothingness'

God says 'Prove Me' with the tithe

God's changeless nature says 'Prove Me'

God says: 'Now Prove It'

A Voice of Sadness

The Holy Spirit and Missions
(Article One of Five)
(Article Two of Five)
(Article Three of Five)
(Article Four of Five)
(Article Five of Five)

An Outline of the Book of James

Anger: Life's Destroyer

Daring faith produces moral convictions

PETUNIA: Basic theology believed by most Baptists

Open Theism

Calvinism debate rooted in history and continues today

Predestination and Human Choice: no contradiction

The Sovereignty of God: A definition

Reconciliation possible through Christ's death on cross

Atonement: God's act to make salvation possible

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