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Congregational Conflict 

Congregations currently engaged in conflict
Conflict is inevitable; it is part of our everyday lives. Based on that reality, we must prepare ourselves to respond to conflict in a biblical manner. The Bible speaks directly to how we should respond to conflict.

We have learned through research and experience that a process of open and honest communication can lead to biblical solutions.

If you are currently engaged in conflict and would benefit from the assistance of an outside perspective, the CSM team stands ready to help you.

Congregations not currently in conflict
We provide training and teaching for congregations and their leaders on how to respond in a biblical manner. Contact us for more information.

Congregational Conflict Resources
Click here for a downloadable PDF list of resources to help you in this area.

For more information on conflict mediation and biblical reconciliation, call 800-226-8584, ext. 3072, or
e-mail the team
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