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The Church Health Group lead strategist provides administrative oversight to eight program areas; serves as liaison to associational leadership; gives direction to program, calendar and budget planning within the group; and coordinates Florida/SBC special emphasis planning.


African-American Church Development Ministries Team
This team strategist seeks to provide a comprehensive program of Christian education and leadership training initiatives for newly-established and existing African-American churches. The ministries’ team seeks to educate, equip, empower, and engage African-American churches in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.
McCormick-12-2011x600.jpg Eugene McCormick
Team Strategist
800-226-8584, ext. 3035
Jade Davis, ext. 3035
Congregational Support Ministries Team
The Congregational Support Ministries team provides critical ministry support to local Florida Baptist churches. These services include, but are not limited to, conflict resolution ministries, pastor and church staff resume services, demographic studies, providing resources to smaller congregations (less than 200 members) and support key networks that serve the needs of Florida Baptist congregations. Additionally, resources on marriage and family development, deacon ministries, church secretary training, church library resources, and congregation administrative resources are provided.
Miller-L-12-2011x600.jpg Lewis Miller 
Team Strategist 
800-226-8584, ext. 3072
Charlene Allen, ext. 3072

Haitian Church Development Ministries Team
This team strategist works directly with Haitian churches and their leadership in planning and conducting a comprehensive program of church development among Haitian congregations. The assigned areas of church development include Sunday School, discipleship training, family life, church administration, church music, and ministries to youth, single adults and senior adults. The team strategist also assists in Haitian evangelism and church starting. 
Gaston-12-2011x600.jpg Joseph Gaston
Team Strategist
Madelyn Saint Germain, ext. 3103
Language Church Development Team
This team works directly with language congregations (other than Haitian) and their leadership in starting and developing church programs of Sunday School, discipleship training, and church administration. The team strategist also assists in evangelism and church starting. 
coto_deris_2007.jpg Deris Coto
Team Strategist
800-226-8584, ext. 3105
Eunice Rivera, ext. 3105 
Leadership Ministries Team
This team strategist is responsible for initiating and coordinating a comprehensive program of Servant Leadership promotion for Florida Baptist churches by assisting association and church leaders in encouraging, creating, conducting and improving the process of Servant Leadership and Spiritual Transformation. Additionally, consultation and coaching is provided to churches in their organizational development needs.
Roque-Emanuel2013.jpg Emanuel Roque
Team Strategist

800-226-8584, ext. 3018
Maribel Santana, ext. 3018
Music and Worship Ministries Team 
The Music and Worship Ministries team strategist encourages churches and individuals to use music in worship, witness, education, ministry and every day Christian living. Special attention is given to equipping church music leaders to teach church members how to sing and play music, and to involve all members through music in the total life and work of the church. Training of church music leadership is accomplished through association and statewide music festivals, clinics and workshops.

Terry Williams
Team Strategist 

800-226-8584, ext. 3062
ext. 3062
Sunday School, Groups, and Discipling Ministries Team
This team assists churches in establishing, improving and enlarging their Bible teaching and outreach programs. Included in these tasks is the helping of church leadership to reach, teach, win and develop persons for the cause of Christ through such programs as: weekday Bible study groups, small groups, backyard Bible clubs, vacation Bible school, and leadership training conferences. The team also provides consultation in discipling ministries, church building space planning, kindergarten and child care ministries.
Team Strategist
800-226-8584, ext. 3078
Laura Long, ext. 3078
Theological Education Ministries Team
This team is responsible for developing, coordinating, implementing and marketing a statewide strategy and program of distance learning that supports and expands the Convention’s strategy of theological education utilizing an interactive television network tied to “virtual” campuses across the state. Through the use of this technology, degree-based theological education curriculum resources and skill (ministry) based training opportunities are made available to laity and church staff within Florida. The resources of The Baptist College of Florida and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary provide the foundation of the program of theological education.

watkins.jpg Doug Watkins
Team Strategist
Janet Cambra, 407-514-4412

Lema-12-2011x600.jpg David Lema
Associate Team Strategist
Yasmaydy Mendiola 

Felipe_Rogerx600.jpg Roger Felipe
Associate Team Strategist
Janet Cambra, 407-514-4412


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