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The most loving thing a person can do toward another person is to share Christ.

In fact, love without sharing Christ is not complete love. Sharing Christ involves both living like Christ and sharing Christ verbally.

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Great Commission & Commandment 

In God's wisdom of His purpose and plan for us, He gave us both the Great Commandment, which summed up the Law, and the Great Commission, which give individuals and churches His priorities as we live out loving God and people.

Two major challenges are reduced as we live out Love Your Neighbor - Share Christ.

  • First, receptivity to the gospel increases, as followers of Christ love those who are indifferent or negatively predisposed to Christianity.
  • Second, Christians who see sharing Christ as a loving act are more motivated to engage lost people and help their church move outward toward the mission field. 

Evangelistic Church Culture/Climate

Healthy effective evangelism flows out of a church culture where both (1) lost people and (2) those who share Christ with them are highly valued. They place a high priority on lost people and display a can-do attitude toward finding ways to connect people to Christ. Effective churches plan for, budget for, and act on their love for those without Christ unselfishly, then celebrate the fruit together.

Pastor Modeling Evangelism

The Pastor's demonstration and communication of his engagement with lost people is the single strongest common factor among evangelistic churches. The pastor does not have to be the most effective personal witness, but his connection and the connection of other key leaders build credibility and value with the peace setting examples.

I am a Pastor

I am a Layperson

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