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Calendar of Events

These are a few highlighted events for the year 2014. For a more complete list of events, details and registration information, go to Calendar Search.




LYBCC=Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center in Leesburg, Fla.
BSBCC=Blue Springs Baptist Conference Center in Marianna, Fla.


JANUARY 2014    

1 Baptist Building closed
1 Church Planter Wives Retreat
1 Evangelism Day of Service, Middle Florida
17-18 Haitian Women's Retreat, LYBCC
20 Baptist Building closed
25 Health Ministries Conference, Northwest Coast
27-28 Korean Lay Leader Conference, Tampa Bay
30-31 Florida Worship Choir, South Florida

1 Hispanic Basic Chaplaincy, Big Lake
3-5 Senior Adult Enrichment Retreat, LYBCC
5-7 State Board of Missions, LYBCC
7-8 AA Church Development, Greater Orlando, Jacksonville, Pensacola Bay, South Florida, Tampa Bay
7-8 WMM-Love in Action, Brevard, Emerald Coast
21-22 Haitian Women's Retreat, LYBCC

28-Mar 1 WMM-Making Memories, LYBCC 

MARCH 2014   
2-9 Season of Prayer and Annie Armstrong Easter Offering
6 Evangelism Day of Service Chipola
7-8 Hispanic Women's Retreat, LYBCC
8 Hispanic/Migrant Youth Camp, South Florida 
14-15 WMM-Making Memories, Chipola
15 Hispanic Basic Chaplaincy, Chipola
18 Evangelism-Day of Service, Okaloosa
23-25 State Evangelism Conference, Daytona Beach
27-28 State Evangelism Conference, Bonifay
28-30 Lake Yale Men's Conference, LYBCC 

APRIL 2014    
1 National Cooperative Program Conference, Greater Orlando
3-5 Hispanic Pastors/Wives Retreat, LYBCC
4-6 Conference of the Deaf, LYBCC
4-6 Interpreter Training for the Deaf, LYBCC
4-6 Deaf Church Leader/Wife Marriage Retreat, LYBCC
5 Hispanic Migrant Fellowship, Big Lake
5 Hispanic VBC Training Workshop/Orange Blossom
6 Evangelism Day of Service, All Associations
6 Haitian Migrant Fellowship, Manatee Southern
10-12 Haitian Worship/Music Conference, LYBCC
10-12 Haitian Leader Convocation, Greater Orlando
10-12 Haitian Pastors/Wives Retreat, LYBCC
10-12 Haitian Elements of SBC/FBC Life, Greater Orlando
18 Baptist Building closed
24-26 WMM-Missional Connection, LYBCC
25 Florida Worship Choir, Marion
MAY 2014
2-3 REFRESH-A Smaller Membership Church Worship Conference, Chipola
15-17 Hispanic Senior Adult Congress, LYBCC
17 WMM-Youth on Mission, Chipola
23-25 Haitian Marriage Retreat, Greater Orlando
24 Hispanic Migrant Family Enrichment Camp, Ft. Meade
26 Baptist Building closed
29-30 State Board of Missions, LYBCC
JUNE 2014
7 Hispanic Migrant Fellowship, Tampa Bay
9-13 Camp WorldLight, LYBCC
10-11 Southern Baptist Convention, Baltimore, Maryland
16-19 Hispanic Youth Camp, LYBCC
16-20 Camp WorldLight, LYBCC
23-27 Camp WorldLight, BSBCC
30-Jul 2 Korean Youth Camp, LYBCC
JULY 2014
3-6 Haitian Youth Camp, LYBCC
3-6 Haitian Young Adult Conference, LYBCC
3-6 Haitian Family Retreat, LYBCC
4 Baptist Building closed
7-11 Camp WorldLight, BSBCC
12 Hispanic Evangelism/Church Planting Conference, Miami
21-25 Super Summer, LYBCC
28-Aug 1 Regional Deaf Summer Day Camp, Northeast Florida
3 Haitian Migrant Fellowship, Orange Blossom
3-5 WMM-Emerging Youth Leaders, LYBCC
7-9 WMM-Leadership Retreat, LYBCC
11-15 Regional Deaf Summer Day Camp, Central-West Florida
15 Hispanic State Fellowship, Miami
29-30 Haitian Worship. Music Conference, Royal Palm
29-31 Haitian Youth Evangelism Conference, LYBCC
30 Hispanic Migrant Leader Conference, Orange Blossom
30-Sept.1 Hispanic Young Adult Retreat, LYBCC
1 Baptist Building Closed
4-6 Literacy Missions Conference, LYBCC
7-14 Maguire State Mission Week of Prayer and Offering
18-19 State Board of Missions, LYBCC
19-21 Lake Yale Women's Conference, LYBCC
20 Hispanic Basic Chaplaincy/Chipola, Big Lake
26 Florida Worship Choir, Jacksonville
28 Royal Ambassador Racer Event, Brevard
4 Hispanic Migrant Fellowship, Ridge
4-Hispanic Migrant S.S. Training, South Florida
11 Hispanic School of Prophets, Suwannee
11 Xtreme Missions, Suwannee
18 Xtreme Misssions, Royal Palm
19 Haitian State Fellowship, Royal Palm
2 Haitian Migrant Fellowship, Big Lake
3-5 Southern Gospel Festival, LYBCC
8 Crossover, Lakeland
10 Pastors' Conference, Lakeland
10 Pastors' Personal Evangelism Lunch, Lakeland
10 Chaplain's Conference, Lakeland
10 State Board of Missions, Lakeland
10-11 Florida Baptist State Convention, Lakeland
11 Ministers' Wives Luncheon, Lakeland
15 Hispanic School of Prophets, Orange Blossom
27-28 Baptist Building closed
30-Dec. 7 Season of Prayer and Lottie Moon Christmas Offering
5-7 Hispanic Migrant Children's Camp, LYBCC
13 Hispanic Migrant Fellowship, Orange Blossom
24-31 Baptist Building closed

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