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Below is a calendar of featured training events for the Florida Baptist Convention listed on a month-by-month basis. These events are current as of December, 2008, but may be subject to change as the year progresses.

This feature provides details on Convention events, which can be searched by subject or month, as well as links to online registration.


*(Please note: LYBCC-Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center, BSBCC-Blue-Springs Baptist Conference Center)


11-13 State Board of Missions, LYBCC

13-14 Hispanic Evangelism Conference, Tampa

13-15 Collegiate Convention, LYBCC

21 Migrant Fellowship, Beulah

26 Worship Project Trng., Black Creek

27-28 Mom/Me Getaway, BSBCC

28 Hispanic Women’s Evangelism Conf., Miami


MARCH 2009

1 Collegiate Evangelism Conf., Ocala

1-8 Annie Armstrong Home Missions Emphasis

5 Worship Project Trng., Lake County

6-8 Migrant Youth Camp, LYBCC

7 Central Hispanic Evangelism Conf., Shiloh

9-13 Fellowship of the Blind, LYBCC

12 Caleb Conference, Greater Orlando

12 Worship Project Trng., Choctaw

13-14 Sons of Virtue, BSBCC

13-14 Acteens Cometogether, LYBCC

13-14 Mom/Me Getaway, LYBCC

20-21 Sons of Virtue, LYBCC

21 Brazilian Fellowship, Greater Orlando

23-25 Senior Adult Conclave, LYBCC

APRIL 2009

2-4 SonShine, LYBCC

7 Worship Project Trng., Shiloh

11 Migrant Fellowship, Ridge

16 Language Stewardship Trng., LYBCC

16-18 Language Conference, LYBCC

17-18 Jail/Prison Ministry Conference, BSBCC

18 Bible Drill/Speakers Events, Graceville

18 Haitian Migrant Fellowship, Manatee Southern

18 Youth on Missions Rally, Suncoast

18 Multiplying Haitian Leadership, LYBCC

18 Multiplying Hispanic Leadership, LYBCC

19 Brazilian Evangelism Conf., Gulf Stream

20 Worship Project Trng., Brevard

20 The Mix, Marion

25 Bible Drill/Speakers Events, Greater Orlando

25 Hispanic VBC Training, Peace River

27-30 Enlistment for Church Annuity, Jacksonville

30 Worship Project Trng., Santa Fe River


MAY 2009

1-2 Migrant Family Enrichment, LYBCC

11 Worship Project Trng., Peace River

14 Worship Project Trng., Seminole

15-16 Jail/Prison Ministry Conf., LYBCC

16 Haitian Women’s Evangelism Conf., Miami

18 Worship Project Trng., Gulf Stream

19 Worship Project Trng., Palm Lake

21-23 Hispanic Sr. Adult Congress, LYBCC

22 Hispanic Fellowship, West Palm Beach

22-23 Haitian Marriage Retreat, Greater Orlando

28-29 State Board of Missions, Hialeah

30 Hearts Called to Prayer, Middle Florida

JUNE 2009

6 Migrant Fellowship, Orange Blossom

8-12 Kids Missions Adventure Camp, LYBCC

8-12 Camp WorldLight, BSBCC

11 Worship Project Trng., Treasure Coast

13 Hearts Called to Prayer, Northwest Coast

15-19 Missions Adventure Camp, LYBCC

15-19 Camp WorldLight, BSBCC

19-20 Special Education Ret., LYBCC

22-25 Enlistment for Church Annuity, Royal Palm

22-26 Camp WorldLight, BSBCC

22-26 Hispanic Youth Camp, LYBCC

23-24 Southern Baptist Convention, Louisville, Kentucky

26-27 African-American Church Development, Tampa Bay

26-28 Conference of the Deaf, BSBCC


JULY 2009

3-6 Haitian Young Adult Conf., LYBCC

6-8 Camp WorldLight, LYBCC

6-9 Korean Youth Camp, LYBCC

6-10 Harmony Bay Youth Music Camp, BSBCC

6-10 Kids Missions Camp, BSBCC

9-11 Grandmother/Granddaughter, LYBCC

12 World Hunger Awareness Day Offering

13-17 Super Summer, LYBCC

13-17 Missions Adventure Camp, BSBCC

13-17 Camp WorldLight, LYBCC

18 Hearts Called to Prayer, Harmony

20-24 MAC Extreme Desire Camp, LYBCC

20-24 Camp WorldLight, LYBCC

20-24 Son Sign Deaf Camp, LYBCC

28-30 Enlistment for Church Annuity, Palm Lake

30-Aug. 1 WMM Leader Ret., LYBCC


7-8 Haitian Worship/Music Conf., LYBCC

7-8 Haitian Leadership Convocation, LYBCC

7-8 Haitian Elements of SC/FBC Life, LYBCC

7-9 Youth Evangelism Conf., Greater Orlando

8 Haitian Migrant Fellowship, Orange Blossom

10-12 Secretary Mtg., LYBCC

10-12 Small Ch. Pastor/Wives Ret., LYBCC

10-12 Media Library Wkshp., LYBCC

15 Hearts Called to Prayer, Brevard

22 Migrant Leadership Conf., Orange Blossom

22 Hearts Called to Prayer, South Florida

28-31 Haitian Youth Camp, LYBCC



4-6 Hispanic Young Adult Ret., LYBCC

5 Migrant Pastor’s Wives Event, Big Lake

6-13 Maguire State Missions Week of Prayer

10-12 Literacy Missions Conf., LYBCC

11-12 Small Ch. Pastor/Wives Ret., BSBCC

11-12 Institute/Christian Discipleship, BSBCC

13 Maguire State Missions Week of Prayer

17-19 Worship Expo, South Florida

18-19 Pastor/Deacon/Wives Ret., LYBCC

19 Migrant Sunday School Trng., South Florida

20 Hearts Called to Prayer, Manatee Southern

22 Infusion, Pensacola Bay

24-25 State Board of Missions, LYBCC

24-25 Haitian Youth Evangelism Conf., Miami

26 Hearts Called to Prayer, Big Lake


3 Migrant Fellowship, Harmony

3 Girls Missions Jamboree, Jacksonville

10 Migrant Fellowship, Big Lake

14-16 Church Planting Summit, Greater Orlando

17 School of Prophets, Harmony

20 Haitian State Fellowship, Greater Orlando

25-28 Enlistment for Church Annuity, Tampa Bay

31 Haitian Migrant Fellowship, Big Lake


6-7 African-American Crossover, Pensacola

7 Xtreme Missions, Tampa Bay

7 Crossover, Pensacola

9 State Board of Missions, Pensacola

9-10 Florida Baptist State Convention, Pensacola

9 Personal Evangelism Luncheon, Pensacola

9 Chaplain’s Conference, Pensacola

10 Minister’s Wives Luncheon, Pensacola

11-13 Enlistment for Church Annuity, Pensacola

13-14 Acteens Cometogether, BSBCC

13-15 Bible Conf. of Deaf, LYBCC

13-15 Deaf Interpreter Trng., LYBCC

14 Hispanic School of Prophets, Orange Blossom

29- Dec. 8 Lottie Moon International Missions Emphasis


4-6 Migrant Children’s Camp, LYBCC

12 Migrant Fellowship, Shiloh


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