This information is based upon information supplied by churches cooperating with the Florida Baptist State Convention and reflects statistics for the church year which ended September, 2007.

Florida Baptist Convention Statistical Summary - 2007 Year

Total Churches and Missions: 2,811
Includes 2,203 churches and 608 church-type missions. Each church is an autonomous body of baptized believers who are associated by covenant in the faith and fellowship of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Baptisms by Associations - 2007 Report
Other specific reports can be requested by e-mail.

Total Baptisms: 32,928

Baptism is a public demonstration and testimony by an individual that symbolizes the believer's faith in Jesus Christ as the crucified, buried and risen from the grave Savior.

Gifts by Florida Baptists to the Cooperative Program: $39,537,216
The Cooperative Program is the unified financial appeal for nearly all denominational missions, ministry and benevolence causes support by the Florida Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention.

Total Gifts by Florida Baptists to all mission and ministry causes: $782,737,213
Includes local church, association, and Cooperative Program.

Total Enrolment in
Sunday School: 559,598
Sunday School is the Bible teaching and evangelistic outreach ministry of the local church.

Total Number of Church Members: 1,034,179
Involving 21 different language groups in worship, including:

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