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During its September 10, 1999, meeting the State Board of Missions approved the following Statements which will guide the Florida Baptist Convention staff in establishing priorities in program, calendar, and budget planning:

Mission Statement

The mission of the Florida Baptist Convention is to inspire and to equip - through word and deed - Florida Baptist churches and associations to accomplish the Great Commission.

Vision Statement

The Vision of the Florida Baptist Convention is to accomplish its mission by facilitating the discovery of needs and potential, provide customized resources, encourage the exchange of ideas for growth and effectiveness in mission and ministry tasks that are culturally relevant and linguistically sensitive which will result in evangelism/believer development, church starting, leadership development, strengthened existing churches and strengthened financial resources through multi-cultural development and inter-divisional cooperation.

Value Statement

The Florida Baptist Convention values:
  •  Biblical Truth
  •   Ethical conduct in leadership
  •  Cooperation, alliances and partnerships
  •  Respect for the autonomy and unique mission of each local church
  • Excellence as a standard
  • The integrity of its employees and stakeholders
  •Missionary efforts on a local, state, and global level
  • Jesus' model of servanthood

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