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Florida Baptist Convention Agencies

The Florida Baptist State Convention is the annual meeting of messengers from cooperating Southern Baptist churches which convenes for fellowship, to hear reports and to make decisions about the work they sponsor through agencies and institutions. The following are the agencies of the Florida Baptist State Convention:

Florida Baptist Financial Services provides financial management, investment counsel and income-producing services. A subsidiary corporation is Florida Baptist Retirement Centers, Inc.

Florida Baptist Credit Union provides a full range of banking, savings and loan services to Florida Baptists.

Florida Baptist Children's Homes provides ministries for the redemption of the child and the family.

The Baptist College of Florida provides training to equip men and women for Christian ministry.

Florida Baptist Witness is the biweekly newspaper of the Florida Baptist State Convention.

Florida Baptist Historical Society was founded in 1894. Since 1996 the Society has been a fraternal organization to the Florida Baptist State Convention, operating under the auspices of the State Board of Missions. The Society, officially named and organized in 1951, is committed to the promotion, collection and preservation of the history of Florida Baptists.

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