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Florida Baptists called to 56 days of prayer prior to Election Day
By Barbara Denman
August 24, 2012

JACKSONVILLE—In these “days of urgency” for the people of God and nation, Florida Baptists are being called to 56 Days of Praying “For His Name” in the time leading up to and beyond Election Day.

The consecrated days of prayer, set to begin on Sept. 16 and continue through Nov. 10, was designed to ask God’s blessings “for His name, for my neighbor and for our nation,” said Rick Shepherd, strategist for the Florida Baptist Convention’s Prayer and Spiritual Awakening Team.

“God is inviting us to join Him in praying, then going, loving, reaching, teaching, giving and discipling,” Shepherd said. “He is getting our attention in many ways, including the needs and calamities around us, as well as through His Spirit within us, and the Word before us.”

In calling Florida Baptists to prayer, Shepherd said “These are days of urgency, not only in dealing with our circumstances, but in seeking for Jesus Christ to be heard.” While Shepherd sees “evidence of a hand of judgment,” he said, “we have not lost hope and God’s Hand of Mercy is extended.

On Aug. 1 Shepherd sent a packet of materials to every Florida Baptist pastor that included tools to be used in the prayer effort.

The packet contained an eight-week prayer calendar with instructions on its use and leader notes on how to participate in the emphasis. Each day of the week, the prayer calendar focuses on categories of glory, purity, authority, family, security, economy and eternity. Copies of the prayer guide can be made from the electronic version when you click here. Additional resources and ideas can be located on the emphasis’ dedicated website.

Also was included in the mailing was a resource on “One Cry,” a nationwide call to prayer for spiritual awakening. The card provided information on how to be involved in the prayer emphasis and secure personal and church-wide resources through www.OneCry.com.

Shepherd suggested that as pastors plan to participate in the statewide prayer effort, they consider involvement in three ways:

—commit to personal participation by praying each of the 56 days, using the prayer calendar as resource;

—encourage congregations to pray for each member personally and lead in an effort to use the calendar in corporate functions;

—urge church-wide participation in a Day of Prayer by specifically selecting one of the dates and spend that day in consecrated prayer. Congregations willing to make that commitment are encouraged to sign up on the website. Click here to indicate your date of commitment.

For more information, resources, or to register commitments to 56 Days of Prayer, Click here; or call the Prayer and Spiritual Awakening Team at 800-226-8584, ext. 3098.

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