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My Hope

What is My Hope America with Billy Graham?

My Hope America with Billy Graham is a grassroots effort to reach neighbors, friends, and loved ones with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Following a simple biblical model, My Hope America combines the reach and excitement of a nationwide video event with the power of personal relationships. Under the guidance of pastors like you, Christians across the country will invite their guests to their home, church, or favorite hangout to share the Gospel through a program similar to Defining Moments, which will feature a message from Billy Graham.

People are looking for hope. True hope, eternal hope is only found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We need to pray for others and share that message of hope. Pray, go, share with those you know, and look for other open doors as well. These resources can help us pray and go as daily we join God as He seeks those around us. Let's help them say, "My hope is in Jesus!"

My Hope Downloadable Resources:

·         My Hope Prayer Calendar on what to pray

·         My Hope Bulletin Insert/Worship folder insert/Personal Prayer Guide

·          My Hope Tabletop Prayer Tent

·          Guidelines on Prayer with Fasting

·          How to Deal with Sin

·         How To Spend a Day In Prayer Booklet 

·          How a Church Can Pray a Day

·         How to Have a Community-wide “Prayer Wave”

·         PrayerEveryWhere

·         S.A.M.E. H.E.A.R.T.

Additional Prayer Resources & Ministry Links:

·        My Hope America with Billy Graham

·       Prayer & Spiritual Awakening Resources

·       Harvest Prayer Ministries  

·        Intercessors for America

·        One Cry  

There is Hope! We “Have a Prayer!”


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